Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Tennis Racket

To an average person or a new tennis player, the tennis racket may seem like a straightforward piece of equipment used for serving and hitting the ball. However, the tennis racket is more than just a tool for making sure that the ball goes over the net. There is a science to making it—and it is more complex than what most people think. The materials it is made of, the type of strings used, the manufacturer, your playing style, and many other factors must be considered to make sure that you can choose the right product. For this reason, it makes sense to do some research and keep the following things when choosing a tennis racket:
  • Your skill level – While choosing a tennis racket determine your skill level before picking a racket as it can help you examine the quality of the product and how it can affect your game. Beginners do not need a pricey composite racket, and advanced players may need to invest in a high-end racket. A basic, inexpensive, oversized pre-strung racket should suit beginners just fine. Intermediate players may be able to improve their game with a small and lightweight racket (if they are about power play) or a large racket (if they play light).
  • Mind the size of the head – Racket head size pertains to the strung area of the racket’s head. Players must pick a size that is suitable to their style of play and skill level, since it will determine the racket’s stability and power. A smaller head offers more control, and a bigger head increases power. If you have a powerful swing, but you lack control, you may want to consider a smaller head size. If you want more power to your swing, go for a larger head. New players typically get a racket with a larger head.
  • Consider unstrung rackets – You could purchase a pre-strung tennis racket, but you can opt for an unstrung one, too, especially if you want a higher-quality for advanced or competitive play. You will have more freedom to customize the strings of an unstrung racket, too.

Some Important Tips for Playing Tennis Perfectly

To play tennis perfectly, you need to take time to practice a lot and work on a particular technique until you have mastered it. Even the most seasoned players have spent hours of practice in the court to improve their serve, sharpen their volleys, and make their forehand more powerful. Apart from practice, here are other important tips for playing tennis well:
  • Learn from advanced players – Watch professionals or recorded footage of their play to study them. Concentrate on a player’s movement to gain insight. Professional tennis players watch recordings of one another, too, so they can pick up a few tricks and understand the other player’s play style.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment and gear – Find a tennis racket that has the right size and matches your skill level, and make sure it is stringed correctly. The size of the grip should be appropriate to the size of your hand to avoid injury to your elbows and wrists. Moreover, wear high-quality tennis shoes to protect your ankles and feet. Make sure the shoes have a herringbone tread that can withstand the side-to-side movement common in tennis.
  • Learn and master the basics – Master the fundamentals of tennis before moving on to special tricks and techniques. Perfect your serve if you want to play competitively, and learn to hold the racket properly.
  • Play with advanced players – Get to know some advanced players on the court or play with your coach. You might be able to pick up some tips on playing tennis from them, too.
  • Remember to warm up – Cramps and aching muscles and joints can prevent you from moving properly on the court. Hence, be sure to warm up, so you can play tennis perfectly without any aches and pains bothering you.

How to Handle the Heat During Your Tennis Match

Heat is a natural enemy of tennis players, especially those who play outdoors. A big part of mastering the game is learning how to handle the heat so you can perform at your best even on a hot and humid day. Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating internal body heat, but it is not always enough to cool you off. You also need to consider what you will wear. Go for breathable clothing and wear a visor. It’s likewise important to keep yourself hydrated during breaks.

The rules of tennis allow you take quick breaks during matches. There are breaks between points, for example. You have 20 seconds between each point, so take advantage of that time especially if you are the server. Do not rush and allow yourself to recover before serving the ball. You can also take advantage of the break during changeovers. If you are changing sides of the court, you have 90 seconds (about one and a half minutes) to recover. You can sit during that time if you need to. This is also a good time to drink water or your favorite sports drink and mentally prepare yourself.

Remember the rule on continuous play. Think about the USTA and ITF Rule 29. It may be crucial to play continuous, but the rule contemplates that you have some time. The key is to make sure you know the amount of time you have and determine how to take advantage of it.

Finally, take advantage of the break between sets. These breaks last about two minutes if you are in a tournament and up to 10 minutes between the second and third set. These should be lengthy enough for you to catch your break. Check tournament or league rules beforehand to be sure.

How and Why to Build Your Endurance for Tennis

In tennis, endurance pertains to your ability to remain energetic throughout the match, so you can play your best regardless of the length of the match, the weather, and the type of court where you are playing. Your endurance may be low if you feel so exhausted towards the end of the match, if you feel drained by the hot weather, or if you dread playing with an opponent who constantly makes you run around the court to chase the ball. If this is the case, you will need to build your endurance in order to play better and enjoy the game even more. Here are tips that can help you build endurance for tennis:
  • Do some cross training - Tennis should not be the only sport in your fitness routine. Be sure to do other activities like swimming, biking, walking, and running to strengthen your heart, legs, and arms. These activities may help improve your focus and breathing, and boost the health of your lungs and heart, too.
  • Take up running – If you do not have time for cross training, consider focusing on a single exercise instead—and make it running. It can do wonders for your endurance, especially when it comes to increasing your leg power. Consider doing some running and walking in intervals to imitate some movements in tennis where quick bursts of activity occur.
  • Consider using a heart rate monitor or a fitness band to keep track of your heart rate – Running and cross training are aerobic exercises that are keys to developing higher endurance for tennis. However, you want to make sure that you are getting the most from those activities. Investing in a high-quality fitness band with a heart rate monitor is a good start, so you can wear it when you run or cycle.

Best Holiday Gifts for A Tennis Player

The vast selection of tennis merchandise available can make choosing holiday gifts for a tennis player a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry—we can help. Use this guide to pick gifts that are affordable, practical, and will surely impress any tennis player no matter what skill level or playing style:
  • Cleansing wipes – Scented on-the-go towels are practical for the tennis player who typically has a busy schedule and has to be somewhere else before and after practice. They can be used to freshen up quickly before moving on to the next appointment. Cleansing wipes can make a tennis player smell good even after a challenging tennis match on a hot day. They can be lifesavers when there is no time to shower or change. Be sure to pick a scent that suits your recipient or a scent that you think your tennis player will love. 
  • A soothing hand cream – The hands of tennis players may feel sweaty and grimy after a match due to holding the tennis racket, making a soothing hand cream one of the best holiday gifts for them. Look for a cream that is made with shea butter, an efficient moisturizer that will leave their hands smelling fantastic and feeling smooth and soft.
  • Sunscreen products – Tennis players, typically spend a lot of time outdoors during practice. Too much sun exposure can be harmful to their health and their skin. Hence, you can never go wrong with high-quality sunscreen as a holiday gift. Pick a sunscreen with a high SPF (preferably SPF 50 or higher), with age-defying antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizers to keep skin healthy and younger-looking. Throw in an after-sun spray, too, so they can have a refreshing treat for their skin after spending hours under the blistering heat of the sun.

Monday, 23 January 2017

5 Best Tennis Racket to Choose This New Year

Are you thinking of buying a new racket for this new-year? There are literally thousands of different styles, types, sizes, and colors available, so the shopping process can be a bit overwhelming. Looking at the best and most highly recommended tennis rackets should be a good start. Here are the five best tennis rackets to consider this year:
  • Head Ti-S6 – This racket weights only eight ounces, but it comes with a lot of strength and durability while ensuring a great feel in your hand. Head Ti-S6 is made of lightweight materials like graphite and titanium, and it has a 115-square inch head to allow more room to hit the sweet spot. Vibration control is excellent for intermediate players and beginners.
  • Head Liquidmetal 8 – This tennis racket aims to stand out, and it often ranks high in reviews and top 10 lists due to its forgiving sweet spot and light frame, making it ideal for newbies and intermediate players alike. Head Liquidmetal 8 is suitable for players with slow to moderate swings, too. One of its most remarkable features is the NoShox handle, which reduces vibrations by up to 27 percent. The open 16 x 19 string pattern helps enhance the ball’s spin while enabling the sweet spot to spread throughout the head.
  • Wilson Tour Slam – Intermediate players who have a moderate swing may like this lightweight aluminum tennis racket, which features the Volcanic Frame Technology that lets them gain more control and power for a great game. Wilson designed the Tour Slam to be easy to swing without compromising on maneuverability and power. With the 110-inch head, there should be a lot of hitting space, while vibration is minimized with Stop Shock Pads.
  • Prince Triple Threat Thunder Bandit – The racket is designed for lower intermediaries and beginners as it has an expanded sweet spot to ensure accuracy, a balanced weight and design distribution for more control, and Triple Threat Technology for stability.
  • Babolat AeroPro Drive – Aimed at intermediate and advanced players, the Babolat Aerpro Drive delivers control and power with Cortex technology to redistribute energy to the hand for pinpoint accuracy, and a graphite build for durability.