Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Things to Consider Before Choosing Tennis Racket as a Beginner

Tennis rackets vary in terms of size, weight, features, and their overall look and feel, and these factors must be considered before you choose any tennis racket as a beginner. Rackets for beginners are designed with the skill level and the age of the player in mind. The ideal weight for the racket will depend on your gender and age, with lighter rackets weighing between 0.15kg and 0.18kg recommended for older players and women, and those weighing between 0.17kg and 0.2kg recommended for men. Regardless of the weight, beginners must look for rackets that have larger heads, which can be more forgiving with a bigger sweet spot. Here are more things to consider before selecting a tennis racket for beginners:
  • Game improvement or power rackets – Consider tennis rackets with oversize to super-oversized heads that are about 107 to 135 square inches, but make sure they are light (i.e. eight to 9.5 ounces) and long (27 to 29 inches). These rackets are stiffer and head-heavy, so there is enough weight in the hit zone. Hence, they are ideal for players who have short and slow swings, but would like more power from their racket.
  • Prices – Comparing the prices can become overwhelming when choosing a tennis racket as a beginner. Keep in mind that manufacturers may produce rackets in similar sizes and weights and comparable price points and features. To avoid confusion, decide on a budget that is based on your frequency of playing tennis. Consider a reasonably priced racket first, then upgrade as you improve your standard. Rackets that are in the $50 to $150 range may not contain dampening features and not completely made of graphite, but they should be ideal for occasional players. If you are serious about tennis and play frequently, consider rackets that are at least $150.
  • Type of strings – You are most likely choosing your first tennis racket as a beginner, so it is okay to buy one that has already been strung. If the strings break, consider a softer synthetic variety, like Wilson Sensation or synthetic gut because they provide excellent feel and power, while being kind to your arm. Serious players may consider firm polyester strings like Volkl Cyclone and Babolat RPM.
  • Refer to an algorithm that lets you choose the right tennis racket online – Answer a few questions and the algorithm analyzes them before recommending accurate and unbiased results on the best tennis rackets for beginners. This way, you can save a lot of time and effort, and avoid the guesswork.

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